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XYZ HAS Toured with: Ozzy Osbourne, Foreigner, Ted Nugent, Soundgarden, Alice Cooper, Dokken, Alice In Chains, Cheap Trick and more!



  • Posted: 2015-04-17

  • What Did We Learn - XYZ Monsters Of Rock Cruise 2013 Posted: 2013-03-24

    Pat Fontaine and Joey Shapiro discuss what they learned on the Monsters Of Rock Cruise 2013

  • XYZ Tours The UK - Firefest 2012 - Nottingham England - a short film by XYZ Posted: 2012-11-03

    XYZ travels to the UK to perform at the 2012 Firefest three day concert in Nottingham England. Includes live concert footage, "what did we learn", Joey Pat and Tony's tour of London, Picadilly Circus, Pat's birthday and Bangers and Mash! Special thanks to our friends Marty Moffatt for the video cover photo, Henrik Hansson and Stephen Bate for the live video footage!

  • XYZ live from Buckingham Palace Posted: 2012-10-25

    Tony and Joey perform XYZ's song Don't Say No live outside of the Buckingham Palace. The Queen was rocking!

  • XYZ - What Did We Learn In The UK Posted: 2012-10-23

    Pat Fontaine and Joey Shapiro of XYZ discuss what they learned during their trip to the UK to perform at the 2012 Firefest concert in Nottingham England.

  • XYZ Firefest 2012 - Tony Warming up Posted: 2012-10-20

    Firefest venue had an entire club sized room in the basement just so guitarist could warm up. Here's some great warm up footage of Tony shreddin'!

  • XYZ - The HUG Posted: 2012-08-25

    Pat Fontaine & Joey Shapiro from XYZ explain their warm up techniques to get ready for The Monsters Of Rock Cruise 2013

  • XYZ Monsters Of Rock Cruise 2012 - What Did We Learn? Posted: 2012-06-02

    XYZ bassists Pat Fontaine and drummer Joey Shapiro explain what they learned about the 2012 Monsters of Rock Cruise!

  • What Did XYZ Learn At M3 Rockfest 2012 Posted: 2012-05-18

    XYZ bassist Pat Fontaine and drummer Joey Shapiro discuss the after effects of performing at the 2012 M3 Rockfest.

  • XYZ - Come On And Love Me [HD] - Denver 2010 Posted: 2011-12-15

    XYZ performing Come On And Love Me @ Bangles Rock Club, Denver Colorado October 2010. Get more official videos at

  • XYZ - Come On And Love Me - Studio Jam Posted: 2010-10-28

    XYZ jamming at our friend Bruce's studio

  • XYZ Live Interview & Acoustic Version of When I Find Love - KBPI Uncle Nasty Show Posted: 2010-10-22

    XYZ live interview and acoustic version of When I find Love on the Uncle Nasty Show - 106.7 KBPI Radio Denver

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